SEO plan

SEO Package for Google Ranking

EUR 500 EUR 700 EUR 999
Keywords 20 30 40+
GOAL Our initial goal is to improve the site’s authority and get the site ranking for it’s transactional keywords.
Target Organic Search Results – Better visibility on SERP
Best Suited For Business that targets global or specific audience
Keywords are Generally Competitive, Mid Competitive & Low Competitive Keywords
Covers SEO Related Technical Audits + On Page + Backlinks + Content Generation
What to expect Better Rankings + More Calls + Enquiries
Analysis Phase
OnPage SEO Report We’ll be sending you the current technical areas of your website which needs improvements.
Duplicate Content Check We’ll check the duplicacy of conent from Copyscape just to make sure that our content in not copied any where on the web.
Competition Analysis We’ll check out all your competitors and look into their marketing startegy and from that we’ll get an idea about the work we need to do and we can easliy follow the footsteps of competitors.
Backlink Audit We’ll analyze the current link profile of the website to check if we have any spam linking done in the past.
Initial SEO Report We’ll send you initial report of all the metics from backlinks, keywords ranking, domain authority etc.
Initial Rankings Report Will send you the ranking report of selected keywords so that you can compare before & after after a month.
Research Phase
Advance Keywords Analysis
We’ll analyze all the potential keywords for your website.
Primary Keywords (Short Tail Keywords)
Secondary Keywords ( Long Tail)
GEO Based keywords
Competitive keywords

Website Enhancement (On Page SEO)

Meta Optimization Phase
Meta’s Optimization
We’ll optimize meta tags for all your website but initially we’ll begin with the pages that you’ll select.
Upto 10 Pages Upto 20 Pages Upto 30 Pages
Title & Meta Tags Optimization
Mapping Will map all the keywords with their corresponding pages
Rendering & Indexing
XML Sitemap Implement the site map for better crawlability
Image Sitemap Image sitemap for Image search
Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis We’ll optimize the robots file to noindex the unwanted pages.
Check Noindex & Index Tag Will check if there is any useful pages which is marked as noindex
URL Optimization Phase
URL Structure/Mapping Analysis Will identify and map targeted keywords inclusion to the URL structure of various landing pages.
Check SEO Friendly URL’s
Will optimize the URL struture of the website so Google and even users and easily understand it.
URL Rewriting(If Required)
Check URL Canonicalization Will make sure that only one copy of the website should be visible to Google.
Content Optimization Phase
Keyword Optimizaion on Targeted Pages Will send you a detailed analysis on the current content on the website and recommend you the pages with word count and density.
FAQ Content Optimization Will add FAQ’s on the pages which includes all the potenial questions and then implement schema on them so they can come directly on SERP. 5 Pages in a Month 10 Pages in a Month Upto 15 Pages
Blog Content Optimization Will check for all the possible areas of improvement on the existing blogs
Tracking Setup & Verification
Google / Bing Webmaster Setup (If not setup) It helps to analyze Google Search results of your website. We will set it up or analyze if it’s properly setup.
Google Analytic Setup (If not setup) Google Analytics lets you measure your ROI by showing various statistics of traffic. It has to be properly setup so that you get real data.
Goal Set up Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your business.
Google Analytics Filters We’ll setup filiter in Analytics for better data collection.
Analytic Custom Dashboard Dashboards contain one or more widgets (up to 12 per Dashboard) that give you an overview of the dimensions and metrics you care about most.
Website Speed Optimization
Google Pagespeed Test & Optimization
Will send recommendations on the site speed and all the possible areas of improvements
Speed Optimization (Desktop/Mobile)
Website Enhancements
Hx Tags Correction H1 are there on almost all the page but we need to optimize them based on the keywords. Upto 20 Pages Upto 40 Pages Upto 80 Pages
Image Alt Tag Analysis / Updation Will add proper Alt Tags It will help Google to read your images better. Recommendation
Anchor Tag/Internal Linking Optimization Will optimize the internal links for better navigation and authority distribution Recommendation
Canonical Tag Impletmention (If Applicable) Will check if we have duplicate content or pages targeting same keyword
Broken Links Optimization We will check all the broken links of your website.
Schema Implementation for Contact Address
We will implement the Schema code on your website. Only wordpress website. We will give you suggestion for other CMS
Structured Data Implementation (If Required)
Favicon Favicons are icons that visually represent a website and/or brand.
Footer Optimization (If Applicable) Will check if we need to optimize the footer and recommend any changes if needed
Call To Action Report Will send you detailed call-to-action report of the targeted pages.
Link Detox Will check if we’ll have any spam links on the website
Blog Page Recommendation Will suggest the layout or content one changes in the blog section of the website
Check Custome 404 Page Will optimize the 404 to a custom 404 page.
Google Alert Setup We will setup the Google Alert for you.
Google Site Links (Recommendations) We will work on Google site links but it will take time.
Landing pages Recommendations(If Required) We setup the Geo Targeting on Google Search Console.
Website Security
SSL Certtification Recommendation Send recommendation about the SSL Certificate.
Mobile Friendly Test Will test the website on differet platforms to see if the website is responsive
Check W3C Error Report Will check and fix the HTML validation errors in W3C.
Content Creation
Blog Writing On-site 2 4 6
External Blog Writing 2 4 6
Landing Pages 3 5
Article Writing 2 4 6
PR(Press Release) Writing 1 2
High Quality PR, Guest Post & Resource Pages
PR on Authoritative News Site(DR 40 – DR 80) 1 3
Guest Posting Submission 2(Sponsored) 4(Sponsored) 5(Sponsored)
Resource Page Listing 2 4
High Quality Mixed Links(Authoritative DR & DA)
Mixed Backlinks(DR -> 50 – 90) 100 150 250
Competitors Links Acquision 2 5 10
Startup Directories & Startup Listing
Branding Website Profile Creation(, crunchbase,etc.) 5 10 15
Quality Check
Built in Multi-Tiered Structure-Tier 1 & Tier 2 TRUE TRUE TRUE
Diversified Anchors Strategy TRUE TRUE TRUE
Unique domains TRUE TRUE TRUE
Mixed in Natural Way: Dofollow & Nofollow TRUE TRUE TRUE
Permanent SEO Backlink TRUE TRUE TRUE
Real-Time Live Reporting – 24*7
Search Engine Rank Report Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
SEO Progress Reports Monthly Monthly Monthly
Google Analytics Traffic & Lead Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Monthly Action Report


Real-Time Live Reporting – 24*7
Search Engine Rank Report Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
SEO Progress Reports Monthly Monthly Monthly
Google Analytics Traffic & Lead Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Monthly Action Report
Support & Consultation
Chat Support
Skype Support
Whatsapp Support
Call Support Once in a month Bi-Weekly Call Weekly Call
Is it a one-time service or monthly service?
Which Package is best for my site?
How will I get reports?
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