Blackjack Side Bets – Blackjack Features with Interesting Odds Explained

The face of each blackjack fan lights up when they hear side bets. Blackjack side bets give a fresh vision of an ancient casino game. They impact the gameplay in a different way, where casino and players benefit differently. The topic related to these additional wagers raises many questions, and our carefully conducted research gives the answers. We focus on enquiries asked by online casino enthusiasts, and it will be productive to stick around and check out the inside info we offer.

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What side bets blackjack give to the more adventurous players is the opportunity of an extra wager or two on the hand’s outcome. There are several avriations of side bets in blackjack, offering diverse odds. It is always a good idea to add an unusual blackjack strategy such as the edge-sorting technique when training for the next bet. There are also some widely used and popular betting techniques and systems. Read on and see blackjack side bets explained plus what options you have.

The Best Blackjack Side Bets

Players go for the game strategy involving extra wagers with the sole purpose of increasing the payout and winning more. The majority of blackjack side bets are independent of the main gameplay. Keep that in mind when choosing a for your next round of 21 at the best blackjack casinos. There are certain factors that create the best blackjack side bets. The most famous one is the winning, probability usually accompanied by a card counting strategy. That lead us to hand-pick the three best side bets in blackjack:

  • Perfect Pairs
  • 21+3
  • Insurance
  • These are the most common blackjack side bets used by players. They include diverse tactics to tackle the dealer. Additional wagers add excitement to assist gamblers who try to grind out a profit. There is a similar approach when you try to play whist in cards. Besides, the side bets blackjack incorporates increase the action and can generate more profit for the house. We elaborate more on bets, odds and house edge further in the article.

Blackjack Side Bets Explained

The side bets blackjack offers are one of the most attractive features of gambling. This card game has a low house edge compared to other titles. It varies between 0.5% and 2%. Nevertheless, when the chances of losses increase, it is advisable not to play side bets. Pay attention to the house edge before placing your best blackjack side bets. The thinner it is, the better for you. Despite that fact, risky players go for the possibility of scoring high with a higher house edge. That is a risky move, but it can be fruitful as well.

The casino card games and especially blackjack offer the highest payouts among all other games. Online casino sites present all the needed information regarding payout games, odds and percentages. We did the same with the best three blackjack side bets. Players often go for them when running against the dealer. Before any real money is placed on the table, read the blackjack side bets odds and create the most effective blackjack strategy for the round. You should add to the checklist the payouts too, as each online casino has specific terms and conditions in that sector.

Perfect Pairs

Here is another one of the blackjack side bets explained. We have a side wager, using only the player’s cards, a.k.a. your cards. It only pays out if your hand after dealing is two of a kind. The returns vary depending on the number of decks and the house edge shifts that cause. That range spreads from 2-3% up to 11% or more. Now you will see the available pairs and what they offer as payouts in ratio data:

🃏Mixed Pairs

A combination of two cards with the same value but with different suit and colour. They pay 5:1.

Coloured Pairs

Two cards of the same colour and the same value. They pay 12:1.

✔️Perfect Pairs

Here you have two equal cards that pay 25:1. 


In other words, players use perfect pairs as a side bet in order to cover the eventual pair in the first two cards dealt. Players can place such an additional wager only at dedicated tables that are explicitly offering it. Not every game of blackjack has this bet in its gameplay.


varies. The range of that shift is determined depending on the number of decks used in the game. When the gameplay involves four decks, the house edge stands at 8.78%, for five decks is 7.81%, for six is 7.14%, and for seven decks is 6.29%. 21+3 involves your two cards and the card of the dealer that is upturned. This side bet has several different combinations with different payouts:

  • Flush – pays 5:1 where all cards are suited
  • Straight – delivers 10:1 where all cards consecutive
  • Three of a kind – pays 30:1 where cards are not the same suit
  • Straight flush – pays 40:1 where consecutive cards are the same suit
  • Suited triple – delivers 100:1 with three of the same card
  • The 21+3 game variation is a prevalent combination between blackjack and three-card poker. Many describe it as the further development of the Perfect Pairs side bet because you combine your two cards and the first one that the dealer has. This exciting marriage between blackjack and poker brings a bunch of tasty payout odds.
  • Insurance

  • This part of the best blackjack side bets, called insurance, has a controversial character. Many players avoid it on purpose when the experts who can count cards consider it one of the best side bets blackjack has to offer. The most common of the blackjack side bets explained goes like this – an additional wager that allows you to cover yourself if the dealer has an ace face up. It involves half of your original stake and pays out at 2:1 if the dealer has blackjack. Besides, the insurance bet reduces the overall house edge.

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